About CSS3

New Features in CSS3

CSS3 Selectors
Learn how to use new selectors introduced in CSS3 to simplify difficult tasks such as alternating row colour, add style to first or last elements and using the empty selector to hide elements with no content.

CSS3 Borders

Multiple border colors on a side, border images, and rounded corners

CSS3 Border Image
CSS3 offers a new border-image feature to allow you to usw images for your border, and also allows you to define corner images.

CSS3 Border Radius
Use the CSS3 border-radius command to create simple rounded corners without tricky divs or graphics in one line of markup.

CSS3 Backgrounds

Multiple backgrounds can be added to a single element, backgrounds can be more precisely positioned,  backgrounds can be extended and clipped to the inside or outside of a border, and backgrounds can be resized.

CSS3 Color

Color opacity settings, gradients in backgrounds, and HSL color values.

CSS3 Text
Text shadows, text overflow, and word wrapping.

CSS3 Text Shadow
The Text-shadow CSS3 feature allows you to create simple shadows behind text to create Photoshop like effects.

CSS3 Transformations
Scale, skew, move, and rotate an element in 2D or 3D space.

CSS3 Transitions
Simple dynamic style transitions

CSS3 Box
Add Drop shadows, place userresizable boxes, set overflow separately in horizontal and vertical directions, use outline offset to set space between the outline and the border, apply box model specifications to set how width and height are applied to a box.

CSS3 Box Shadow
How to use the box-shadow effect in CSS3 to highlight your page elements with the need to use tricky images or css and javascript hacks.

CSS3 Content
Styles can add content to an element.

CSS3 Opacity
Elements can be transparent.

CSS3 Media
Style pages based on the
viewport size, color, aspect ratio, 
resolution and other important design


CSS3 Font Face

Updates and extends the ability to link to fonts for use in a design. The CSS3 implementation of fone-face allows web developers to use any licensed TrueType “.ttf” or OpenType “.otf” ” in their web pages.

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